Outsource Your Business

Envoy facility Management will provide cost effective back office operations providing our overseas partner the ability to concentrate on key business areas increasing productivity.

Our management service include:-

  1. Accounting & Payroll Services
    • Accounts Receivable Management
    • Book-Keeping
    • Payroll Services
    • Banking Services
    • Auditing Services
    • Insurance Services
    • Taxation Services
  2. Personal administration and Human Resource services
    • Ensuring compliance with Sri Lankan Laws and Regulations
    • Maintain and Update Personnel records, policies, procedures and employee Personal Files
    • Handling of Staff Medical and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
    • Payroll, Attendance and Leave Management by employing a fully automated system
    • Employee Help Desk
    • On-Site HR Support
  3. Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    • Validation/Verification of Job Descriptions & Job Specifications
    • Identifying / Resourcing talent pools
    • Evaluations & Assessments
    • Interviewing, Reference Checks, Background Checks and preparation of Confidential Reports
  4. Administration/Logistical Services
    • Attending to and resolving of Statutory and Regulatory issues including issues connected to the Board of Investments of Sri Lanka
    • Handling of Import consignments and attending to Clearance and transportation from Sri Lanka Customs
    • Handling of all commercial and legal Issues
    • Office Upkeep – The services offered include the regular cleaning and maintenance of the office premises, supply of tea, coffee and refreshments and the handling and maintenance of Office Equipment. (Billed at actual)
    • Obtaining quotations, rising purchase orders and procurement of goods and services, Visa Handling, Ticketing and Hotel Reservations services etc. These services are offered at no additional cost and will be billed at actual.

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